Andreas Archer Dreyer

Andreas Archer Dreyer

Andreas Archer Dreyer

Beginning his career in 1996, Andreas is a highly experienced multi-camera director with an outstanding track record of high-end television production both as a freelancer and as an employee producer at the Norwegian Broadcasting Company.

He has extensive experience from development and process across a variety of genres, including concerts and Light Entertainment shows as well as documentaries, children’s television shows TV, news and debates.

His directing include the international Emmy winning «Energy survival» for several seasons.

Andreas has a solid track record of collaborating with European co-Producers, directing global formats suchlike as Idol, Deal Or No Deal and Singing Soap Stars.

He has extensive knowledge of the process of adopting formats as well as directing live television shows such as «World Environment Day» NRK «World HIV and AIDS Charity Show» and » Norwegian Defence Concert Day. »

Andreas has directed for all the major Nordic broadcasters, including SVT, DR1 and MTV in Finland as well as KRO (NL).

Andreas is also an Assistant Professor in television directing at the Faculty of Television that at Lillehammer University College.