Peer Gynt

What it is

Classic drama plays out in the mountains. A disloyal adventurer, full of imagination but with little stamina. Always having a door open or a bridge out of the situation, Peer Gynt never commits himself 100% to anything. No ties or loyalty for him.

Henrik Ibsen’s world famous play Peer Gynt is celebrating its 150th anniversary and in this documentary we follow the process from rehearsals to the debut performance under the inspired direction of award winner Sigrid Strøm Reibo. We take a journey with the actors and the team behind the critically acclaimed theatre production at Gålå in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway with father and son actors Nils Ole and Jacob Oftebro as Peer Gynt in his youth and declining years.

Featuring Jakob Oftebro | Nils Ole Oftebro | Marianne Nielsen | Mari Strand Ferstad | Anne Krigsvoll | Preben Hodneland | Jan Sælid | Anders Dale & Nina Ellen Ødegaard.

Play Director: Sigrid Strøm Reibo

Produced by Fjords for NRK.


HD 1080
2 Channel Stereo
Released 2017


Elisabeth Nord
Head of production
Mariann G. Furulund
Elisabeth Nord
Multi-camera Director
Andreas Archer Dreyer

Lars H. Fjellbakk
Sound & Sound Mix
Lars Nårstad

Head of Post Production
Anders Svalestad
Director Post Production
Elisabeth Nord
Post Production House

Acquisitions Executive
Tore Tomter & Aira Planting, NRK

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59 Min

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