PEER GYNT, documentary (60 m), produced for NRK (2017)

A disloyal adventurer, full of imagination but with little stamina. Always having a door open or a bridge out of the situation, Peer Gynt never commits himself 100% to anything. No ties or loyalty for him. Henrik Ibsen’s world famous play Peer Gynt is celebrating its 150th anniversary and in this documentary we follow the […]

THE LEGION, Series 1: 3 x 47 minutes for ITV4 (2007) / ITV Studios

UK title: «THE FOREIGN LEGION; TOUGHER THAN THE REST» Men from all over the world have left their pasts to start a new life as elite soldiers of the French Foreign Legion. The Legion’s director Elisabeth Nord was granted exclusive access to follow this legendary defence force from the inside. Trained for intense military action, […]